The future of trekking in North Vietnam is ready for you

Trekking has always been the major outdoor activity in Vietnam. From the well known trails around Sapa and the Hoang Lien Son mountain range to the less traveled grounds of Ha Giang and Cao Bang, trekkers of different levels are coming from across the world to walk ethnic territories of North Vietnam.

But in the recent years, the trend seemed to be declining a bit. Sapa is now probably too much frequented and too much developed to please genuine trekkers, who are in general in search of serene, pristine and lush environment. The wilderness of Ha Giang remains, but the destination requires long hours of transportation, and so gets pricey.

Other alternatives were very rare. Of course you could have a day of hiking here and there. But not really a multi-day trek, on trails only, with accommodation at homestays every night, in a continuous wild environment yet benefiting of a great intimacy with the country and its people. The potential for that kind of adventure is huge in Vietnam. But the lack of facilities, of organization and the poor forecast of “return on investment” this kind of development offers to tourism companies, kept this potential so far under-developed.

But recently, in less than a couple a years, we witnessed the rise of a new potential dream playground for trekkers. This is very promising as the region is super large, stretching from the national park of Cuc Phuong to the premises of Moc Chau plateau. It is made of several spots already known for tourism but suddenly connected one to another in a moldable network with the recent development of accommodation and services facilities in between. It is composed of a national park, 2 nature reserves, hilly jungles, a mountainous circus, and some higher mountains. Muong, White Thai, Black Thai and H’mong people to play the role of hosts and companions on the way. Potentially offering from 1- to 8- or 9-day trekking options. Beautiful changing landscapes and probably the best ethnic hospitality in the country. Note as well that there are some options to end the trek, or indulge a break at the middle, in nice exotic ecolodges with modern comfort.

Travelocity Vietnam will probably be a pioneer in the development of a new comprehensive trekking offer in that region. So watch it out and get ready for some new adventures.

Eager for it? You can already have a look at some tours we operate within the region here or there.